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CodeGuard Backup

Website problems suck. Fix them easily with CodeGuard Backup.

The silver bullet to solve almost any website problem. Wave your magic wand and undo any website hack, crash, malware
infection, bad update, or goof-up. Install CodeGuard Backup now so you’re ready for the inevitable.

Automatic Backups

CodeGuard will backup your website files and database every day automatically.

Website Monitoring

CodeGuard monitors your site for changes or malware and alerts you of any issues.

One-Click Restore

Have a problem with your site? Restore it back to working order in a single click!

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Pricing plans for any site & budget!

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*Due to WordPress limitations, backups done via the WordPress plugin use more storage space. If you prefer to backup via WP plugin instead of FTP, we recommend the Premium or higher plan.

Need a larger or custom plan?

All of our CodeGuard Backup plans include full backup, restore, and monitoring features, including:

CodeGuard Makes it Easy to Stay in Control of Anything Thrown Your Way.

The fastest, most reliable cloud-based website backup, monitoring and protection service. Track all of your changes daily. Rollback capabilities right when you need it.

Daily Backup

CodeGuard will back up your site every single day. If you’re not using WordPress, it only saves what has been changed or modified to efficiently use up space.


CodeGuard has patented technology that they build in to automatically scan, discover and fix any malware-related threats your site encounters.

Client Access & Reports

If you’re a reseller, CodeGuard can white-label portal access and reports so you can add that personal touch and value downstream.

WordPress Plugin Updates

CodeGuard will automatically keep your website up to date with all WordPress updates. This is ensures no lapse in backup protection or vulnerabilities related to updates.

ChangeAlert® Notifications

CodeGuard will notify you by email if it detects any changes in your source code. This will help you identify any unwanted changes before it’s too late.

Top 10 CodeGuard Features

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